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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 6:44 AM

Name: S. Amber
Age: Age? What's in an age, it's just a number.....oh well two numbers
Location: Beyond infinity, in the Valley of Dreams.
Artist Type: Digital Artist (Photomanipulations).
Music: Sound of Sadness.
Movie: Quite many to list here but one of my all time favourite is 'The Lord of the Rings'.
Years on DeviantArt: 3 years.
Website None as yet.
Type of Deviant: Core Member

Please highlight your time with DeviantArt:
My time, being limited with things getting busy for me; is mostly spent in faving and commenting on artworks both digital, photography and even literature pieces.....all which are such great inspirations and plays an important if not a major role in helping me in creating art works.

I try to find time to feature or give exposure to anyone I feel really deserves, getting around to support and encourage any budding talents out there.

It's all about dividing my time between commenting on other artists' work or browsing through stuffs, looking for inspiration wherever I go.

When you joined DeviantART, what was your goal as an artist?
I had always aspired to reach the same level of professionalism and skills like all the other great artists here, to be able to capture viewers attention and be recognized for my own individuality in creating artworks.

Being 3 years here, I believe and feel that for me it's still a long way off before I can be given the tag of 'one of the great artist' and to be included in the same category as them.

What medium(s) do you work with? Favorite?
Working with Photoshop creating digital artworks, preferably photo manipulations.

Have you ever collaborated on DeviantART?
Yup, though only once, with HaleyDesigns
on this piece:
The Mirage - Collaboration by SummerDreams-Art

How long have you been an artist for, and what got you into it? What's your process like? How much time do you spend creating?
I have been a digital artist for about 2 1/2 years, though art is in my blood and I had always been an artist ever since I was a kid so getting into Photomanipulations was in some way an inevitable choice.
What actually got me into digital arts though was seeing other artists' beautiful works and seeing them create magic and dream-like pieces which would always leave me feeling intrigued and mesmerized.

For me, I had found a very new and most beautiful medium for expressing my feelings and connecting with others who might share the same.

Anything, be it nature or my feelings is what mainly gets me started on creating a certain piece or it can be that a title has just popped in my mind and I set about to bring that title to life in a visual way, through my artworks.

For all this I have to search for the appropriate stocks which takes a lot of time as well.

Well, it depends on how complex the scene is that I wish to create, then other times I will get stuck somewhere where I have no idea how to proceed further.

Many times I have to go back and start all over again from scratch just because what I have created isn't how and what I have formed a mental image of or other times a particular stock doesn't seem right in the scene.

So at the most it takes me about a week or so, considering that I normally put only 2-3 hours on it each day.
What issues do you usually advocate for?
I'm all about advocating kindness, selflessness and putting others' feelings before your can never tell where or how much you're capable of impacting or changing someone's life.

How has this affected your work?
I get artists and other deviants coming and telling me that a certain art piece of mine has really touched them and that they feel so connected with it.
It has now made me realize and understanding that my creations are not just for me, it's for everyone who views it, who gets connected with it....this has affected my artworks in more than just one way which is hard for me to express or explain in mere words.

What/who's your biggest influencer?
I'm influenced and inspired by my own self, where my feelings and emotions are the main elements behind inspiring and impacting me in creating my art pieces.
And secondly, besides this every artist-no matter big or small, professional or amateur that I have met or whose arts that I have come across from photography to digital artist has influenced me in my style of artworks.

What is in the works right now? What can we expect from you in the future?
At the moment I am working on a dreamy/surreal art for a particular contest.
Apart from this I have been requested to do a commission which is all that I will speak of now.
So all in all just expect the unexpected from me.

Find out more:


:bulletgreen: Thank you so much SummerDreams-Art for letting us know more about you ! :clap: :heart:
Good luck!
Interview by: George-B-Art

:bulletred: If you know artists who deserve more exposure PLEASE provide us their DA username (TAB) in a comment and we will contact with him / her as soon as possible . Or visit deviantSPOTLIGHT and there you cand find the FORM , complete it and send a note to the group or to George-B-Art Thanks .

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