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SPOTLIGHT on Adananian

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 15, 2015, 12:14 PM
:spotlight-left: Adananian :spotlight-right:

Prankless (Narrative Version)-"A long time ago, the Park of Pops Maellard was invaded by their rival one named "East Pines" led by "warmonger manager" Gene. He made there defenseless with brutal force and was gonna mourth that place to the history. But there was a hope light seen: Mitch "Muscleman" Sorenstein, a.k.a. The Secret Weapon of the Prank War. He defeated Gene by flooding rival park, ending the battle. The peace came for the first time, thanks to him. Until... Rival Park's workers/members had an information that Muscleman retired from pranking. After learning about situation, he started using it to his own advantage, declaring the new prank war. "The Park" would be devastated again. Only two options left: Victory or Defeat.
Sentinel Leader Lennox's Quotes (made by me)1-) Xorda are gonna be proud of me / Evolution of Mankind just started (when using DNA BOMB)
2-) Revenant Time! (when upgrading Exo Medic)
3-) My legs feel like kangaroo (when using Boost Jump for first time)
4-) From Bison with love (when upgrading Exo Slam)
5-) Kill zombie and earn some money (when using/upgrading Multiplier)
6-) BOOM HEADSHOT! (when killing zombie with a headshot)
7-) BOOMSTICK! (when killing zombie with a shotgun-type weapon)

Phineas and Ferb: Candace's DestinyPhineas and Ferb. They were... the best two siblings for saving summer time. Until, Candace "finally" busted them. Mom and dad admitted that shed had right on her side. They felt guilty for not listening to her whole time. After that, duo dudes were sent to child prison. They made the worst thing to duo: Erased all memories of "them" forever. What they were gonna do today, how tools were being used, emotions, everything. When Candace went to save them..., it was all over. Duo siblings were looking at her as if new-born babies. And then, they attacked great sister. Choked her and bited body parts of her.
Candace's Destiny
31st August, 12:07 p.m.
My name is Candace. Greatest sister of Phineas and Ferb. I was being failed when trying to do best to bust them; but last busting was a success. Or so it seemed... I started confusing when I heard about "child prison". It became clear that child prison was "amnesia application center". A place where they would erase "busted children" 's memories

My Selfie on the Lesser Bairam by Adananian

Name: Meriç Özarslan
Age: 20
Location: Adana/ Turkey
Artist Type: Writer/Traditional Drawing
Music: Pop Punk/Rock Covers, 8 Bit Songs, Mashups and other songs.
Movie: Children of Men, Emperor, My Rainy Days, Rambo II/III, Terminator 3, A wind named Amnesia, Hababam Sınıfı, Street Fighter High
Years on DeviantArt: 4 months
Website no

Please highlight your time with DeviantArt:
I wanted to join the site about two years ago, but due to e-mail confirmation issue, I was unable to make it real. Before being a Deviantart member, I used to write poems, stories, strong messages and draw pictures. Finally, that problem is solved after those two years on 27th July.

When you joined DeviantART, what was your goal as an artist?
To improve my skills and show my own arts.

What medium(s) do you work with? Favorite?
Pencils, Dry Colors and Papers/Notebook. Stories, Poems and Drawing.

Do you feel that you've achieved that goal, or are you still working on it? elaborate.
I am still working on it.

Have you ever collaborated on DeviantART?
Not before the day I joined.

How long have you been an artist for, and what got you into it? What's your process like? How much time do you spend creating?
Frankly, for long time. In 3rd Grade of High School, my teacher who is skilled in Turkish Literature gave us some kind of duty: Write your own poem. So I exactly did what she said, and she loved it, telling me to keep it up. In 1st Grade of University (March 2015), Mathematic Teacher (and also professor) named Levent Sangün read some poems in his novel. One of his students by the name of Elif who is my classmate, found it awful. So I wrote one. She asked me to read, which in response I said “of course”. While doing it, she loved my art, and thus, she showed friends. All of them liked, telling me to keep up the good work. After that time, I decided to translate it into English which I have mine on that art site.

What issues do you usually advocate for?
Ignorance, Hopelessness, Low Morale, Silence, Misunderstanding and etc.

How has this affected your work?
Provided me to see the truths of the World.

What/who's your biggest influencer?

What is in the works right now? What can we expect from you in the future?
Well… Traditional Drawing and Literature. Random Sketches, Stories with more words and correct sentences.

Find out more:


:bulletgreen: Thank you so much Adananian for letting us know more about you ! :clap: :heart:
Good luck!
Interview by: George-B-Art

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