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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2015, 6:12 AM

Name: Johanne
Age: 45
Location: Québec, Canada
Artist Type: Hobbyist Digital Painter and wannabe-Photograph, for now...
Music: Muse, The Killers and so many more
Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Howl's Moving Castle and so many more
Years on DeviantArt: 11 years
Website DeviantArt is my home!

Please highlight your time with DeviantArt:
Once upon a time 11 years ago, my cousin showed me this ugly website called DeviantArt and I decided to make an account because it was the only non-elitist art site I could find. And some of my favorite artists had an account there too. My life dragged me elsewhere and I was MIA for many years until I decided to make a comeback, on a site far less ugly and far more active. I discovered groups! And it's by joining art exchange groups that it renewed with digital art.

But my life was too quiet and I was trapped by SavageFrog into joining a crazy team of selfless people who were spending most of their free time granting DeviantArt-related wishes over at dAWishingWell . I'm now the craziest of the lot since iLantiis gave me the keys (seriously, this is a part-time job... and the salary is the happiness of our members). Meanwhile, I got a DD on something unexpected, joined the DeviantArt alpha tester team and was "promoted" to senior. It was quite an adventure!
I'm also part of the Angel-Without-Wings projects and the SeniorSelections team!

When you joined DeviantART, what was your goal as an artist?
My first goal was to watch other artists and learn from them. DeviantArt was, and still is, a huge database of tutorials, resources and useful information. But it made a huge difference when I started watching artists who hosted live streaming. For example, I've learned how to draw fur watching sugarpoultry .

What medium(s) do you work with? Favorite?
Digital and photography; digital is my favorite.
I draw with a Wacom Inutos4 and Photoshop CS5. I like how forgiving digital painting is! Layers work miracles for me! I'm still experimenting with techniques and effects. I have a lot of fun when I draw.

My camera is a Nikon D5200, but I still have so much to learn about photography! My biggest challenge for now is to carry it! So heavy! And to figure out how-the-beep-do-I-change-this-setting?!

Do you feel that you've achieved that goal, or are you still working on it? elaborate.
Well, I rarely find how to change that setting! Oh, you mean my art goal! You can never stop learning! I've learned a lot and I'm still learning. And now, I can even help others and share what I know (or think I know).

Have you ever collaborated on DeviantART?
Oh yeah! I work on two collaborations so far, both part of a fantasy-xchange assignment. And in both, I was the colorist. My first one was with Lys-Antigone and the second one with MeoAgcat ! I wish I could make more but I don't have a lot of time for art these days.
Encounter (collab) by Stygma Party Animals (collab) by Stygma

How long have you been an artist for, and what got you into it? What's your process like? How much time do you spend creating?
I draw since forever. I believe I was born with a color pencil in my hand. I always loved to do art. It was my favorite subject at school. Do I have a process? I try to find a good idea – which won't work. I doodle and discard a lot of failed ideas until something takes possession of my body and soul and make magic happen. A decent digital painting will take between 20 to 50 hours to do. I'm soooo slow!

What issues do you usually advocate for?
I'm more the silent ninja donating to causes but not advocating for anything. I might be a little tainted toward animal protection.

How has DA affected your work?
I might bark or meow from time to time but my coworkers are used to it now.

What/who's your biggest influencer?
Ah, my cousin used to influence me a lot and made me do silly things, like climbing on my uncle's house roof! My parents were so angry about it! Art-wise, anything or anyone can inspire me! I've learn how to paint watching Bob Ross. I wanted to paint animals like Robert Bateman. I'm fascinated by the wild imagination of Salvador Dali. But in the end, I draw cartoonish creatures. Go figure!

What is in the works right now? What can we expect from you in the future?
Don't expect anything artsy from me, I'm unreliable! I might try to find the time to spam my watchers with one year worth of pictures I haven't uploaded yet. I have some ideas of drawings too, but I'm myself surprised when I manage to draw anything these days! I do more community activities than art. Expect to see more features from me!

Find out more:


:bulletgreen: Thank you so much Stygma for letting us know more about you ! :clap: :heart:
Good luck!
Article by: George-B-Art

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